Creating an Email Newsletter For Your Gym

Personalize Your Emails for Your Subscribers

You should use your contacts’ first names in your newsletter to greet them, or motivate them. More complex integrations may use a contact’s gym membership details to send reminder emails about payments, renewal dates, and more! The possibilities are truly endless depending on your technical skills, your marketing platform, and your fitness marketing creativity.

Introduce your staff members/personal trainers

Forge a personal connection between your gym and team members by letting your gym members know a little bit more about them. Let your personal trainers tell them about their own fitness journey and what made them become trainers and how they got there. You could even talk about what made you want to open a gym or fitness center in the first place. But don’t make it too formal, make it personal so that your readers will be more interested.

Industry news

Start a segment where you feature the hottest fitness articles since your last newsletter. This shows that you are keeping updated on everything in your industry, and are thinking about your gym members by saving articles that you think they may also be interested in.

Fitness fact of the month

Who doesn’t love fun fitness facts? Each month, feature some fun fitness and health facts to entertain your members.


Give your members some motivation by including a fitness inspirational quotes that will inspire them to hit the gym or put down that shop brought double fudge brownie and make a healthy alternative. They will thank you for it.

Link to recent blog posts

If you run a blog on your website (which you should), then use your internal newsletter as a way of reminding your members of the great blog posts that you have written in the past month. Include links so that they can read them then and there.

Upcoming events and competitions

If there is a local CrossFit competition coming up, let your members know. If there is a yoga convention happening just a few suburbs away, put it in your newsletter. Your members will appreciate the extra effort you have put into taking the time out to inform them of upcoming events they may be interested in.

ideas for your gym's internal newsletter


Let your members the first to know about any special kind of promotions or campaigns that you are running!

What’s new at the gym?

Did you get a new squat rack? Changed the design of your gym around? Let your members know. Use your gym’s internal newsletter to let them know of these changes and what’s new in your gym.

Featured gym member of the month

This is a really great idea that you need to implement in your newsletter STAT. As a gym owner, your members are not just numbers or a sale, they are people who you want to see succeed and strive in their fitness journey, and what better way than to celebrate their successes. Each month, feature a gym member of the month. Take a picture of them, add a brief description about them that stipulates why they joined the gym, what goals they have, their progress so far and what they most love about your gym You can even go a step further and design t-shirts that only featured gym members of the month get. This segment means that you are celebrating their successes and progress and shows that you are proud of your members.

Create social connections

Include a plugin that directs your members to follow you on your other social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to stay updated. By including links to your other channels, you are ensuring that you have an audience across a broad range of platforms, increasing your reach.

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to reach out to your members on a regular basis. A monthly newsletter is a great way to do this, and if you’re afraid of running out of ideas, just use one of these ideas for your gym’s internal newsletter whenever you get stuck!

Cultivate Stories of Interest for your Members

One of the easiest ways to build your gym’s email marketing list is to cultivate good articles for them. I’m signed up for quite a few monthly newsletters. However, they’re GOOD newsletters. They provide quality information from relevant sources and I always enjoy my time reading them. If you’re only writing 200 words in your newsletter, it’s going in their digital trash can before they even open it. Create a reputation for cultivating worthwhile news for your members and they’ll start opening it up when it arrives in their inbox. The more people who read your newsletter, the more people are talking about it. Write articles about health and wellness, find guest writers, etc. Put some effort into it and you’ll see results.

 Keep Your Monthly Newsletter Informational and Not Sales-y

Last but not least, for the love of god, please don’t make your entire newsletter about selling more stuff to your members. You need to realize that they’re already giving you a decent quantity of money every month (their membership), so try not to guilt them into giving you anything else. Make your gym’s monthly newsletter something that is exciting and funny to read. Maybe put some memes in it and have some coupons attached. Anything to make it worthwhile reading material. If your members figure out that your newsletter is consistently another sales device, it’s getting trashed the instant it lands in their inbox. Building your gym’s email marketing list isn’t hard, it just takes time. Create quality content, make it fun to read, hide some prizes and you’ll have new readers in no time.

Email is an amazing tool for marketing and communicating with your leads and members. But don’t forget to make sure you are sending your email newsletters legally. Check out our post to make sure you’re up to date on CAN-Spam guidelines. Each violation can rack up thousands of dollars in fines, and potential lawsuits, so read up and get informed. It’s CRITICAL!

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