Getting Reviews For Your Gym

There are basically four ways to get an online customer review:

  1. Via phone
  2. Via email
  3. Via a Website
  4. Via transcription from a hand-written review

Which method is right for you depends on how you conduct your business.

Some tips for asking customer reviews:

  1. Don’t offer incentives
  2. Make it easy for gym customers. Don’t send them a link to review you on Google unless they have a Gmail address.
  3. Don’t ask people for Yelp reviews. This almost always backfires. You may get a few positive reviews in the short term, but if your customers are not active Yelpers, Yelp’s SPAM filters will eventually toast their reviews. You’ll end up with no reviews and potentially some angry customers who wonder why their work of review art disappeared.
  4. Do it promptly. Don’t wait. People are most likely to give you feedback right away, after their gym sessions for example.. The longer you go from the time of service to the time of request, the likelihood of getting reviews drops precipitously.
  5. If you have the customer’s email address, follow up your initial request three days later with a reminder email containing links of where to for review submissions. Reminder emails can account for a huge percentage of review conversions.

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