Running Member Challenges For Your Gym

Fitness challenges are an effective tactic to increase member engagement and retention and, unless you live in a bubble with no internet access, you can see that almost everything can be turned into a challenge, driven by the explosive success of fitness apps and wearable technology

  1. Fitness challenges create a fun and nice environment for your members

Having your clients hit the gym regularly can be a challenge in itself. They all have their own busy lives, most probably with their own share of problems and stress, and the gym is not necessarily the first place they would go when they have some free time. It is therefore important that you be, a place where people want to go not just to work out primarily to be in motivating company. Being part of a supportive community makes people more eager to do better and endure their efforts on the long run. Setting up club challenges where members have to compete against each other or work together to reach the goal, gives your members the opportunity to get to know others and themselves a bit better, often with new friendships created. You can bring your community online with a club app to share updates, new challenges and the weekly leaderboard with your current members, while using your social media pages to reach out to a maximum amount of people.

2. Fitness challenges can improve your online visibility

Creating a fun and supportive environment can not only improve client retention but also contributes to improve your offline and online visibility: if your members feel like they’re part of a community, they’ll keep coming back, and they’ll be more likely to recommend your business to family, friends, and co-workers. In addition, when combined with the social media component, you can increase your online visibility and attract new customer segments. To boot your visibility even more, make sure to caption and share your activities and events on social media platforms.

3. Fitness challenges keep your clients motivated

Another reason why fitness challenges can improve your business is that they contribute to keep your clients motivated.  Reaching a fitness goal such as losing weight is really hard for most of us. After the initial excitement and burst of hope, motivation starts going downhill and reaching the goal seems more and more difficult. With the use of external rewards and gamified elements such as points and badges you motivate your clients into action. You can break down a big challenge, let’s say, losing 10kg, in ‘mini-challenges’ (losing the first kg, the following 2 and so on) and award your client upon completion of each goal. Basically using a ‘carrot and stick” approach. members can always count on you and the community you’ve created for support and motivation, making it easier to go through darker days. When given the tools to keep track and visualize their progress, your clients will be even more motivated to move on to the next step and undertake the next fitness challenge. Finally, when working on a long term goal, you can help your clients build and maintain new habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle with the knowledge acquired when challenging themselves or others.

In order to have members sign up and enjoy your challenges, you should first of all segment your audience, so that you can create fitness challenges that are coherent with different lifestyles. It is highly unlikely that the group of mums attending your morning classes would sign up for a push-ups challenge. Maybe they’d be more interested in joining a photo contest where the most original healthy recipes are awarded.

Segmenting your audience means, in other words, getting to know your clients so that you can better target your efforts. Knowing your clients also means that you can better target your communication efforts: you can use your social platforms to engage with a younger public, for instance by making the leaderboard public on a regular basis and organizing photo contests, while using offline communication for your older members, with posters and flyers at your gym for instance


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