Running Promotions On Social Media For Your Gym

Running Promotions On Social Media For Your Gym

One of the best tools out there for a gym business to connect with current and future members is social media. Coupled with local search engine optimization, social media engagement might be the best one-two punch to make local customers aware of your fitness center and the ways in which you can help them embrace an active, high-energy lifestyle. There’s no doubt that the opportunity exists: there are 50 million-plus Americans already signed up at more than 30,000 gyms and fitness centers around the country, and over half of the U.S. adult population (58% and rising) is already on Facebook.

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Social Engagement Across Social Media

Although Facebook remains the most popular social media site in the United States in terms of reach and recognition, the social media promotion strategies that we’re going to discuss can also work for Facebook’s cousin, Twitter, and more business-oriented social media sites like LinkedIn. The end goal—whether you’re using inspirational images or health contests to stimulate enthusiasm for your gym business—is creating more social media engagement. Social media engagement is all about creating a deeper connection between your local members and your brand—in this case, your gym. That’s technically accomplished by getting more likes and shares, for example, but you’ll typically know that you’re getting more social media engagement and positive feedback by how many people are talking about you online, increased trust between you and your members, and positive online reviews. Here are some ways to get there:

Inspirational Workout Images

As a general rule, when you’re trying to increase brand awareness and social media engagement for your gym business on social media by using quick tips and inspirational images.

 Health News and Tips

Providing members the latest health news—for example, studies on the cardio benefits of high-intensity workouts—over social media can make you a thought leader and respected voice in the industry. Nutritional, workout, and injury-prevention tips are also effective.

Health Challenges and Promotions

When you’re running contests (for example, that encourage users to sign up, share the promotion, and engage their friends and family in health challenges), then you’ll probably want to use Facebook. Facebook allows you to whip up excitement for a weekly health challenge, promotion, or giveaway contest and keep members in the know about everyone’s participation. With contests, you want to differentiate between two

Two kinds of gym members: those who already have active lifestyles and those who might need a little push to get more involved in the action going on in your gym. For the former group, you might want to offer weekly giveaways (such as gift cards or a free t-shirt) to create excitement and get people in the gym. For the latter (less active) group, consider offering signup promotions or a free one-on-one session just for stopping by and checking out the gym.

 Encourage Corporate Wellness Programs

There’s already a big tailwind behind workplace wellness programs as more and more companies are handing out gym memberships to their employees as a preventative measure to keep everyone healthy. You can link to some of the benefits of corporate wellness programs in your social media posts or encourage local businesses to compete against one another for prizes or a free/discounted membership for a few months. Try including inspirational workout images and eating tips to remind participants in corporate wellness programs about these benefits. All these tips can make your business go far and better promote your business via social media.

Curate Great Content on Pinterest

Not many fitness businesses are using Pinterest and we think there’s something wrong about that. Pinterest is a great way to curate content that current and future members will find interesting. Instead of sharing every single health article on your Facebook page (and boring the heck out of your Facebook fans as a result), why not start curating a business-specific Pinterst page? Here you’ll be able to “pin” as many articles and pictures as you want. If you curate interesting articles or images, you’ll eventually gain a following.

There are two types of people who will be visiting your Pinterest page. Those that live in your geographic area and might consider joining your gym/studio because they find your content very interesting and appreciate your passion for fitness. If you’re promoting your fitness classes on Pinterest, you might want to create a pinboard with personal fitness articles, dieting goals, etc. There are also people visiting your page that might not even live in the same city/state/country. However, if these people start linking to your website because of your great content, you’ll start seeing an increase in search engine rankings. It’s a win-win situation for business owners to be on Pinterest, that’s for sure.

 Leverage a Social Media Management Tool

hootsuiteOne of the best ways to level up your social media fitness marketing is to start using social media management tool. First and foremost, there’s HootSuite. It’s the go-to leader in this category. You can spend a couple hours every weekend planning your social media posts for the upcoming week and then it’s done. No more wasting time every single day looking for articles. If you find a relevant article that will help promote your gym, great, upload it on the fly. But, with HootSuite, all your base articles are already loaded and ready to start publishing.

Create an Instagram Hashtag for Gym Members

If you’re a new gym, this might not be the best fitness marketing tip. However, if you’ve got a decent membership base, it might be worth the effort. Sit down with your marketing team and develop a hashtag for your business. This is going to piggyback on our tip above about posting more pictures in order to promote your gym on social media. Now, with your custom hashtag, when your members start posting mirror pics and booty shots, your gym name will be showing up alongside those toned glutes.

Have a Social Media Free Membership Giveaway

Last but not least, the good old free membership social media giveaway. When it comes to promoting your gym on Facebook, this one is a no-brainer. Wait until you’ve got a decent-sized Facebook fan count. You don’t want to be the joke of social media. You can either do a Likes contest, a Shares contest, or something in between. Either way, offer up a free month of membership to whichever current member does the best job promoting your gym on their Facebook feeds. Maybe you see how many Shares a member can get, who knows. Think up something fun and then get out there and starting kicking some social media fitness marketing butt!


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